Dr. Shin’s revascularization article

Dr. Shin published one step revascularization article (a new treatment protocol helps pus draining dead teeth to continue to grow and strengthen its roots) in renowned International Endodontic Journal and his case study made a cover page of the journal. His case work was published in third edition Dutch endodontic textbook, “Endodontologie” and in July 2011 edition of Dental Clinics of North America Journal. Dr. Antonis Chaniotis successfully completed three clinical revascularization cases and presented at The 15th  Biennial congress of the European Society of Endodontology in Rome, Italy 2011.

Watch Dr. Chaniotis’s video at Youtube.  www.youtube.com/embed/jg1qRUGKVkY

You can click to read the article abstract from International Endodontic Journal.

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