Dr. Sang Y. Shin is a dental specialist who offers a variety of treatments for endodontics in Maitland, Florida. These treatments are designed to heal damaged root tissue and preserve the life of an infected tooth. Look through our options below to learn more about our care and call Endodontic Associates of Orlando at 407-647-2131 to meet with our skilled dentist.

At the center of each of your teeth is the pulp. The pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues that keep your tooth healthy. Dental damage and tooth decay can leave the pulp vulnerable to infection. An infection can be painful and involve swelling and damage that reaches beyond your smile. Ultimately, you could end up losing the tooth.

Our dentist and team offer endodontic treatments to address infections and damage to your pulp. In many cases, this involves a common treatment known as a root canal. During root canal therapy, our dentist will access the pulp chamber and remove the infection and the nerve. Once that is done, the chamber will be sterilized and filled with a medicated material. Often, a dental crown will be used to protect the tooth from future damage and infections and to preserve its appearance. There are a number of other endodontic treatments that our dentist can use as alternatives to a root canal or to treat a reinfection. Those treatments can include an apicoectomy, a pulpotomy or a root canal retreatment.

If you are experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity, call our office and schedule an appointment for an endodontic treatment.

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