Internal Bleaching

If you have had root canal therapy or some other endodontic treatment, you may notice discoloration occurring over time in the treated tooth. Because of the nature of endodontic treatment, portions of the inside of a tooth become hollow during the procedure, allowing our dentist to medicate the infected area and then seal it with a composite material matched to your natural tooth color or cap it with a dental crown.

In some cases, stains from normal eating and drinking can seep into the interior of the tooth after endodontic treatment, causing a gray appearance. This can be corrected using internal bleaching.

What Is Internal Bleaching?

Internal bleaching is a cosmetic endodontic treatment used specifically for teeth that have had root canals. It acts to brighten the appearance of the tooth. Unlike traditional teeth whitening methods, which bleach the outside enamel of the tooth, internal bleaching uses peroxide crystals placed internally in the tooth to remove stains and brighten its appearance.

During your internal bleaching appointment, Dr. Sang Y. Shin will create a tiny hole in your tooth. After removing any debris, our dentist will place the bleaching material in your tooth and seal it with a filling. The whitening process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one to two weeks, depending on your bleaching needs. Because patients have already undergone root canals and the bleaching is all done internally, the process is painless. The treatment can be repeated multiple times for the desired result.

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